Apafix Black

Apafix Black is an innovative Reactive black dyes aimed for "Reducing Effluent & Easy Washing-Off, Such green concept product will benefit the textile dyers to find breakthrough and improve competitiveness.

Application & Feature

Versatile Application
  • Exhaust dyeing
  • Discharge Printing
Saving Energy & Reducing Effluent
  • Highly suitable for extra short liquor ratio dyeing.
  • High washing-off supported by high fixation.
  • Less effluent, less environmental impact
Value-Added Benefit
  • Excellent levelness.
  • Outstanding R.F.T.
  • Low Nylon/Lycra cross-dyeing for cotton blends dyeing.
Excellent Fastness
  • Wet fastness
  • Washing fastness
  • Perspiration fastness

Apafix Black (EXHAUSTION)

Black EXN Black EXF Mid Night NGB Onyx NGB
Dyeing depth % (owf.) 3%


Washing-Off Residual

Black 6% Washing ISO C10 B Perspiration ISO 105-E04 Chlorinated water ISO 105-E03 Rubbing ISO 105-X12 Light ISO 105 B02 (Blue wool scale)
Acid Alkali
Cotton Nylon Cotton Nylon Cotton Nylon 10ppm Dry Wet
5 5 5 5 4-5 5 4-5 4-5 2-3 5-6

Cotton/Nylon/Lycra (Cross-Dyeing)

Cotton Nylon Lycra
Apafix Black
Commercial Reactive Dyes