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Vinyl Sulphone Based Reactive Dyes

VS Dyes
  • Moderate Reactivity.
  • Most of the dyes are dischargeable.
  • Most of the dyes are suitable for exhaust dyeing, silicate pad batch process and printing.

Cynauric Chloride Based Reactive Dyes

M Dyes
  • High reactivity.
  • Requires mild fixation conditions.
  • Dyed at Room Temperature.
P & H Dyes
  • Moderate reactivity.
  • Suitable for printing
HE Dyes
  • Suitable for exhaust dyeing.
  • Bright shades.
  • Dyed at 85ºC

HECL dyes
  • Excellent reproducibility of shade even with minor variations in application conditions.
  • Excellent level dyeing performance.
  • Economy and excellent build-up in exhaust dyeing.
  • Good wash-off properties leading to high wet fastness ratings.
  • Maximum dye diffusion for core penetration.
  • High post mercerisation fastness.


ME Dyes
  • Bifunctional dyes
  • Suitable for exhaust dyeing.
  • Good reproducibility.
SF Dyes
  • Specially designed for high end textiles.
  • Suitable for exhaust dyeing.
  • Excellent migration properties.
  • Good light fastness.
  • Ideal series for RFT.
SD Dyes
  • Specially developed for deep & extra deep shades.
  • Suitable for exhaust dyeing.
  • High fixation and excellent build up.
  • Compatible with ME Dyes.
  • Practically salt free dyes.
RR Dyes
  • Trichromatic components suitable for exhaust dyeing.
  • Good reproducibility.
  • Reliable fastness properties.
RGB Dyes
  • Trichromatic components suitable for exhaust dyeing and padding.
  • Recommended for medium and deep shades
CN Dyes
  • Florine based dyes.
  • Good light fastness properties.
  • Recommend for pale to medium depths.
  • Excellent compatibility and reproducibility.
  • Excellent overall fastness properties.
GLX Dyes
  • Economical with good reproducibility
  • Good exhaustion and fixation properties.
  • Most of the products are suitable for exhaust as well as silicate pad batch process of dyeing.
  • Most of the products are dischargeable to white.
Black Dyes
  • Variety of Blacks.
  • Specially developed Black dyes for exhaust as well as pad batch process.
  • Most of the Blacks are dischargeable to white.
Salient Features of Colron CN and CS Dyes
  • Fluorine chemistry especially use in medium to dark shades (CS Dyes).
  • Fluorine chemistry used in Light and medium shades (CN Dyes).
  • Highest efficiency and productivity at optimized costs.
  • Excellent consistency level and repeatable first class result.
  • Unbeatable reproducibility.
  • Highest level of lab to bulk.
  • Bulk to bulk (automatically boosts production drastically).
  • Lengthwise/widthwise listing along with a level of A class packing percentage.
  • Robustness.
  • Right first time performance for cold pad batch, continuous dyeing,exhaust.
  • Unique compatibility of trichromatic elements.
  • Improve shade consistency due to greenish flair of BLUE CS series.
  • High light fastness & high light & light perspiration complex fastness.
  • Good washing off properties.