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Shade Card

We have consciously expanded our range to offer a bigger palette of choice to Colorant customers, so that most of their needs are met. At the moment, we have more than 100 products on offer. Together they constitute one of the largest reactive dyes ranges of its kind in the country. This includes a specialty range for the high-end market called COLRON SF Series, an initiative that is still to be matched by other suppliers in India. Another newly introduced series, COLRON SD Series reaffirms our commitment to specialisation and cultivating specific brackets of the market. We also have a brand of brightening agents named CEEPOL.

To be a part of what is undoubtedly going to be a bright future, we have set up our own High-Performance Chemicals Division. Although it is early days yet for the division, it has already managed to roll out a number of highly useful products for the textile industry.

We believe in regularly coming out with newer products to excite our customers.

Key to Abbreviations

Y = Yellower G = Greener
R = Redder BI = Blackish
Br = Brighter D = Duller
L = Low M = Medium
H = High S = Suitable
LS = Less Suitable NS = Not Suitable


Washing and other : 1 to 5 in increasing order
Dischargeability : G-Good; F-Fair; P-Poor
Light (AATCC 16E) : 1 to 5 in increasing order
Day light : 1 to 8 in increasing order
Mercerisation (ISO-105 X04) : 1 to 5 in increasing order


Shade Card / VS Dyes


Shade Card / M Dyes


Shade Card / H-P Dyes


Shade Card / HE Dyes


Shade Card / ME Dyes


Shade Card / SF


Shade Card / SD


Shade Card / RR


Shade Card / RGB


Shade Card / Black Dyes


Shade Card / Glx Dyes